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Introducing the phenomenal fusion of style and menace with our "Rage" crossover shirt! Brace yourself for the ultimate collision of Dragon Ball Z's Super Buu and the iconic Supreme brand. Get ready to make a fashion statement that strikes fear into the hearts of fashionistas everywhere.


Prepare to dominate the fashion realm with our "Rage" shirt, where the unpredictable and menacing nature of Super Buu meets the iconic aesthetic of Supreme. This electrifying crossover captures the essence of dark allure and streetwear dominance like never before.

As you don this shirt, you'll radiate an aura of captivating chaos, just like Super Buu himself. It's a statement that showcases your boldness, originality, and willingness to embrace the darker side of fashion. This is the epitome of edgy style!

Rock this shirt proudly at streetwear events, anime conventions, or whenever you want to make a bold and intimidating fashion statement. Prepare for gasps, wide-eyed stares, and a mix of admiration and caution from both fashion-forward individuals and Dragon Ball Z fans. You're about to become the embodiment of fashionable menace!